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How to export "Current Display Extent" statistics using ESRI stretch??

Question asked by j.niles.fugro on Nov 27, 2015

I have been exporting satellite imagery for years with no issue at all until today - I am using Landsat data that is a RGB composite using Esri type stretch from the current display extent. I am then exporting the map and am getting radically different colors than what I see in ArcMap.


Here is a screenshot of my Arcmap window:


And here is the exported image:


What I realize is happening is that ArcMap is switching from "Current Display Extent", to "Each Raster Dataset" for no discernable reason - it wont even let me add custom settings to override this!!


With the imagery that I normally use, I apply Standard Deviation stretch and From Display Extent without a single issue ever coming up.


Anyone know what on Earth is happening and how I might get around this? Is there something special about the Esri stretch??