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oAuth DotNet Proxy with Portal 10.3 Error 498 Invalid Token

Question asked by webbiep on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Szymon.Piskula_WoodMacOnline

Using Federated Portal 10.3 with DotNet proxy using application authentication, we are getting an error code 498 when trying to access a secure map service that was created with the same account as the registered app. I verified that the clientId and clientSecret (appId and appSecret) are valid. ArcGIS and Portal are on the same server. In case it is a factor, the web adapter was changed from "arcgis" to "portal", so logging in to Portal and the oAuth path start with rather than, but the map services still reference

Error in Chrome:{"error":{"code":498,"message":"Invalid Token","details":[]}});

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <ProxyConfig allowedReferers="*" mustMatch="true"><serverUrls> <serverUrl url="" clientId="xxx" clientSecret="xxx" oauth2Endpoint="" matchAll="true"/> </serverUrls></ProxyConfig>

I get the following when doing detailed logging of the proxy (tokens modified):

2015-12-01 10:21:40

2015-12-01 10:21:40 Sending request!

2015-12-01 10:21:40 Renewing token and trying again.

2015-12-01 10:21:40 Matching credentials found in configuration file. OAuth 2.0 mode: True

2015-12-01 10:21:40 Service is secured by getting new token...

2015-12-01 10:21:40 Sending request!

2015-12-01 10:21:40  Token obtained: to-qcTzUb_wvPLG2bxoGEadmmdpe4BTsFgHEyoqjmYi0GEJ4g1lO-ECEz28Wl8p5P5gNgc8aUA-maUxZ-beXRNlvkTRmZXxGbf-CC5oyajQ6bqX_WVTC57XDflWaza-fbw1yPF0kC7lDgB8VMHg..

2015-12-01 10:21:40  Exchanging Portal token for Server-specific token for

2015-12-01 10:21:40 Sending request!

2015-12-01 10:21:41  Token obtained: bzFOQbHno6eZ2i9DUievUqHFuFctqxiIA11b3rbVGhMHtKzQ0xN29dA35QDD2U-tKJm9tfKEngF-cgoYLFiF4JqxLqSQAzavQWL3t17R6KUlx5HQAlL_mDiDP77H85N-iZDxTWDhsyUFUWgQRpw..

2015-12-01 10:21:41 Sending request!