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Attribute Assistant error HRESTULT E_FAIL

Question asked by jerryc on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Christian_Wells-esristaff

I am using the Attribute Assistant with ArcGIS for
Desktop 10.2.2 to help with some workflows for our Data and Maps team.  We have had some of the changes go very
smoothly, but are encountering an error with a manual rule using the LINK_TABLE_ASSET
method to snag a value from a table and bring it into the feature class.  We get an error message in a
ESRI.ArcGIS.Editor message box:




Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a geodatabase and copy the DynamicValue
    table to it with its domains
  2. Create a new point or polygon feature class and
    add an text field
  3. Create a new table and add a text field to copy
  4. Create a rule in the DynamicValue table
    1. Table
      Name is the name of the point or polygon feature class
    2. Field
      Name is the field in that feature class you want the value from the table to be
      stored in
    3. Set
      Value Method to LINK_TABLE_ASSET
    4. Value
      infor should be [Table Name]|[Field Name] – referring to the table you are
      copying data from, and the specific field you want to copy from.
  5. Save everything
  6. Create a new point or polygon
  7. Open the table and select the line
  8. Click the Run Manual Rules button on the
    Attribute Assistant toolbar
  9. Say no when it asks if you want to run the rule
    on the selected features. 
  10. Try to run it again.  Even if you select a different feature, or
    clear the selecting and select a different feature, the error will appear.



It originally seemed impossible to get past the error without restarting ArcMap, however, you can clear the selection and run
the manual rule again (it will say that nothing is selected), then select the
features you need to link and run the manual rules again, it works. 


Has anyone seen this before?  Is this an issue with our use of the rule, or
the method itself?  I think it’s a bug
with the way selecting “No” is handled by the Attribute Assistant but I hate
assuming that.