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Mosaic Data Set, Statistics, Histograms and Color Balancing

Question asked by Ateles on Nov 25, 2015

Hello everyone in and outside of the ESRI team,


I am working on the creation of a mosaic of Landsat imagery aiming for an outcome as uniform as possible.


I have preprocessed the Landsat reflectance images with Fmask.

I then calculated NoData areas and converted the images to 16bit unsigned with the copy raster tool.

There after I have transformed the projection of the images to be uniform with the project raster tool.

I then saved these images in a geodatabase in ArcMap 10.3.

I ran the tool calculate statistics an all images.


I then imported the images into a new Mosaic Dataset. The function I used was stretch set to StDev.

With the define Mosaic NoData tool I set 0 to be NoData.


If I know want to color balance the mosaic using any other setting than the default color balancing fails.

The output is:

Failed to put local stats raster to color correction table. The object ID is 1

The system cannot locate the object specified.

Failed to execute (ColorBalanceMosaicDataset).


If I analyze the MDS for the stats I receive the following Warning:

The top-level raster function associated with the mosaic dataset item does not have histogram and statistics.


Looking at the Table of the MDS and the Properties of OBJECT ID 1 Stats for each band are present.


I greatly appreciate any help on this issue!!!!