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Webtier Security, CORS, AGOL, HTTP 401 and 502 errors.

Question asked by bbirbo2008 on Nov 26, 2015


As you see from the title this post has all the ingredients to make it interesting enough


We are getting some errors while trying to access from AGOL some Arcgis 10.2.2 services published through WebAdaptor using Webtier security.

Same thing is happening on IE, CHROME, FIREFOX browsers.


Note that the errors only appear when using Webtier authentication.


Steps to reproduce:


1-) Create and publish a mapservice which includes a featureclass and a related table.

2-) Create an AGOL map or open an existing one.

3-) When that mapservice is added to that map the requested url fails with error "401 Unauthorized"



As you can see from the image we have configured the web.config of the IIS where the webadaptor is running to use CORS. The origin sent by the browser matches the origin declared on the server.


4-) After that the feature layer shows fine on the map.

5-) The other error raises when the select to configure the Popup for the Related Table.  Here we get the error "502 Bad Gateway"



After the 502 error the user can't change the popup configuration and that is a problem.


Please note that on the second request AGOL uses a proxy.


Any ideas how to solve this ?