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Taking Maps Offline in ArcGIS Collector

Question asked by skincaid on Nov 24, 2015
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Within the last week or so, our GIS department has been working with public utilities to use ArcGIS Collector for stormwater inlet inspections.  When we go to take a map offline, we are noticing that the working area and detail extent we select applies to the map  in the "On Device" tab which is expected but also in the "All Maps" tab.  So once we take the map online we are stuck at seeing the area we selected even in the "All" maps section with a wifi data signal.  Before we were able to navigate between the two tabs, the "All" tab to see a map with all the data, and the "On Device" tab only to see the specific data downloaded to the device.


From a work flow standpoint I find it a little annoying because previously we were able to take multiple areas offline using the same map.  Now the maps we downloaded to the device acts the same as in the "All" maps tab.  But only if it was downloaded to the mobile device.  Currently we are running version 10.3.5, Build 1123, and we are experiencing on multiple iPad devices.  I'm running the iOS 9.1 on my iPad Mini 4.


Has anyone else run into this issue?  Am I missing a setting the Collector?


Thanks for the help!