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ArcGIS Online - Change Users' "Username"

Question asked by jrflannery on Nov 24, 2015
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I am the Admin for our ArcGIS Online (AGOL) subscription.  We are using SAML/ADFS to authenticate our named users, therefore, the "Username" for our AGOL named users is their corporate email address.  Our corporate email addresses are changing - Example: to  Our existing domain (\ and the new domain (\ are linked, so staff in either domain are authenticated in AGOL.


How can I, as Administrator, change our named users' "Username" without removing them from the organization and adding them back in as a new named user?  Removing them and adding them back in would require a ton of work in order to preserve their maps and data.  Also, I don't see a tool in the geo-jobe 'AdminTools', free or Pro, that could address this need.


Thank you