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Feedback on New Features in November 2015

Question asked by OEvans-esristaff Employee on Nov 23, 2015

Hello Story Mappers!


We hope you are enjoying the Story Map app enhancements that came as part of the November 2015 update to ArcGIS Online. You can read all about what's new in Story Maps in this blog post:


What’s New in Story Maps (November 2015) | ArcGIS Blog


We wanted to take this opportunity to ask you for your feedback on these enhancements in particular:


  • Create and edit maps in builder mode of Map Journal and Map Series
  • Automated error checks in Map Journal and Map Series


Have these features caused any issues? What do you like or not like about what's new? How can we improve these features in the future?


If you have any feedback about these enhancements, or anything else that was new in this last update, please reply to this thread - we'd love to hear from you!


The Story Maps Team