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Layer Symbology - Ranges in Unique Values Many Fields

Question asked by AaronKreagHEP on Nov 23, 2015

I need a layer symbolized based off the RANGE combination of 2 fields. ( 0-.9999 and 0-.9999), (1 and 1), (0-.9999 and 1) and (1 and 0-.9999).


Categories, Unique values, many fields lets me group my values into 4 distinct symbology patterns but when one of the numbers in one of the fields changes in the database it falls off the map because its looking for a specific value combination and not a range of values.


Quantities, Graduated colors will let you set a range but only for one field, not 2 or more.


Now....I do not want to "just add my data twice and layer them". So cross that off.  I also do not want to add fields in an attribute table and do a field calculate so the ranges in my database convert to some kind of ordinal value so I can use the Categories, Unique Values, many fields option.


So where is the ability to set ranges on fields and have 2 or more fields combined in the symbology?  This seems like a really basic, out of the box requirement.  ArcMap Advanced v10.2.1.  Thanks!