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Help! I can't get to the Environment Settings window

Question asked by wilcobearswamp on Nov 21, 2015
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I'm a student using ArcMap 10.3.  The lesson requires us to change some settings in the Environment Settings window while working on a map within ArcMap.  Nothing happens when I click on Geoprocessing > Environments.  There's no error, no "spinning wheel" as if it's trying to load, but definitely no Environment Settings window either.


I minimized the ArcMap window to make sure it wasn't hidden behind ArcMap.  I've restarted ArcMap, and I've even rebooted Windows.  I've tried to access the Environment Settings window through the ArcCatalog standalone application but had the same result -- nothing.   Am I missing something here?


Or, am I going to have to re-install ArcMap??