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Convert Flex pop-up to WAB - 2 questions

Question asked by MegPeterson on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by MegPeterson

Hi all -


I have a popup from my old Flex site that I would like to re-create in WAB. It's displayed below and was configured using the <description> tag with <![CDATA[ {NAME}<br> <img src="assets'images\popup_icons\{I_bike}"> <img src="assets'images\popup_icons\{I_hike}">, etc etc.>

to pull in image icons referenced in the data table.



Question #1: I'm trying to configure the pop-up in the web map using the "custom attribute display" option, but I don't see a way to display the icons horizontally referencing an <img> tag, or via a virtual directory. Is that possible to do? And if not - egads, where would I begin to recreate the popup? The images represent Yes or No values for whether the activity is available at that location.


Question #2: Ideally I'd like to configure the popup to be queried for only the activities available at each location, similar to the Park Locator Local Government template. This seems more extensive with coding, but if anyone has suggestions on where to begin or what forums to read and get started, I'd appreciate the guidance.


Thank you. - Meg