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10.3.1 raster calculator, workspaces, and file names! Problems!

Question asked by alscatS on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by alscatS

I am running a raster through raster calculator in .img format. The outputs are just wrong! No ERROR. Since this did not make sense both the initial input raster was imported into a file geodatabase, and the output raster location is a geodatabase. Since this is being performed in a model. I have a workspace set to be the output location. Here is the stranger part....IF the output is selected as %Output Location%/outputrasterthat_Iwant_tocreate it fails based on the file name being too long. IF the output is selected as the output path /this/is/the/path/mygeodatabase.gdb/outputrasterthat_Iwant_tocreate  IT all works fine. I cannot write my path into my model as this is for a client and all my other models have workspaces. IF the output is selected as %Output Location%/myfile (I am using a very short filename) IT works great, however again, I am sending this to client and it needs to have a standard name. I should not even need the the geodatabases as we are migrating 10.1 models to 10.3.1.....HELP please.....