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ESRI REST FeatureServer does not show neither Joins nor Relations.

Question asked by mb_roguski on Nov 20, 2015
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I have a question about table joins and relations in ESRI REST FeatureService.


I created an mxd file with several layers and managed to create a REST service out of it. I can see all layers, symbols etc. Here everything works fine.

Today I wanted to add a join to a layer. I joined another layer from the same document. In ArcMap everything worked fine. I could see the joined fields. When I uploaded the service (which by the way did not want tu update itself and I had to delete the service and publish the mxd as a new one) I found out that all my columns in the layer, that was the owner of the join, disappeared. In FeatureServer I had only the OID and geometry.

When I looked at MapServer service definition of this layer - everything was fine. All the fields, along with the joined ones, were present.


Similiar thing happens with relations. I create a relation to a another layer in the same mxd file and its definition is visible in MapServer and not in FeatureServer.


Did anyone come accross this error ? What I might be doing wrong?



And one more thing. Is there a way for FeatureServer to show layers hierarchy like MapServer does ? With group layers visible ?


I use ArcGis Server 10.3.

It runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64 bit).


If anything written above is unclear please let me know and I'll update my question.