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change on-panel widget's location and size in foldtable theme

Question asked by lkoumis on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by lkoumis

This question was asked before, last year by another user, of how to change the size of an on-panel foldable widget and got no working answer. Hopefully, someone has a suggestion.


I tried to modified the config.json, but it seems the theme overrides it

"widgetPool": {

    "panel": {

      "uri": "themes/FoldableTheme/panels/FoldablePanel/Panel",





    "widgets": [





  "label": "mywidget",

  "uri": "widgets/mywidget/Widget",

  "position": {

          "left": 55,

          "top": 45,



  "index": 3



and I tried the panel manager

var pm = PanelManager.getInstance().getPanelById( + '_panel');



and it still doesn't work.

Can we change location and size of the widget in the foldable theme?