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widget size in foldable theme

Question asked by lkoumis on Nov 19, 2015

This question was asked before, last year, of how change the size of an on-panel foldable widget and got no working answer. Hopefully, someone has a suggestion.


I tried to modified the config.json, but it seems the theme overrides it

"widgetPool": {

    "panel": {

      "uri": "themes/FoldableTheme/panels/FoldablePanel/Panel",





    "widgets": [





  "label": "mywidget",

  "uri": "widgets/mywidget/Widget",

  "position": { 

          "left": 55, 

          "top": 45,



  "index": 3



and I tried the panel manager

var pm = PanelManager.getInstance().getPanelById( + '_panel');



and it still doesn't work.

Can we change location and size of the widget in the foldable theme?