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data drive mulitple data frames

Question asked by SRoberts on Nov 19, 2015
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I've got a table with IDs and each ID could have 1-3 point locations (lat,lon).  I'd like to create a PDF with one page for each ID, and each of the 3 data frames centered on the associated points.

I have reasonable Esri related python experience, but haven't done much with arcpy.mapping.  Any start with creating the PDF, cycling through the IDs to add a page to the PDF, and then centering each data frame would be so much appreciated.  Or perhaps I'll get lucky, and someone has done this exactly.

Below is an example of the data (could be in excel or a GeoDB table), and an example of one page of the PDF.

Thanks in advance,

S. Roberts


either one of these two table formats could be created:



Each PDF page would look like this: