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1. Making each question it's own page. 2. Variables

Question asked by KeituOnline on Nov 19, 2015
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Good Day All!  To the makers of Survey123, THANKS. This program has so much potential for our company, Thanks again.


Question 1: I have a survey, with each question in its own group... How can I make it so that each question is on its own webpage. I did see one example of this but I cannot find it again and I didn't understand it anyway. Please help.


Question 2: Is there a way to assign a variable within a group (or just a variable at all) to call it up later? Even any work around ideas will help. My experimental survey (to learn this program) is a series of 5 questions all with answers ABC or D. Now I want to assign a value to each of the 5 questions. 50-100-150-200 and 250  and autopopulate the total score at the bottom. Also, the survey is designed so that once you get one wrong the survey is over.  I've been trying to find a workaround for a couple of days and cannot... Please Help if possible. I did try assigning the "Choices" values for each answer and was able to kind of make it work, however that lead to other issues. I just wish there was a "Type" variable, life would be so much easier.


Note 3:  I would like people to share more of their real world, and/or, test programs so that others can see some of the coding that is used. Once I get mine working I will zip it up and share it with you all, if that is OK, not sure of all the rules here.  I know there are a few examples out there but they all seem to just cover the basics and not any "Cool" work arounds or ideas.  Is there one specific place to find all of these? They seem to be spread out over esri, github, and survey123.


Dean Mostad