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I need to draw and merge multiple vectors into a polygon

Question asked by timbranan on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by timbranan

I have to draw a polygon around a very large area of water consisting of many islands and shoreline.

its far too large to draw in one shot, so I figured I'd have to draw many vectors as I go, then merge the vectors into a single one and fuse the endpoints of the lines into a single continuous line, that would eventually consist of a single polygon enclosing the body of water.


the problem is I don't know enough about the tools in this regard to actually do it.

I tried drawing a couple of shapefiles, then merged them together, but the attribute table still treats them as two separate lines, rather than one, and digging around in the help files and knowledge base hasn't shown me how to do that, probably because I don't know the right wording.


so to break it down, I need to:


1. draw many vector lines

2. merge them into a single vector line

3. make sure there are no breaks in the lines where the multiple lines were merged together.

4. turn the line into a polygon, accounting for negative spaces where there are islands. I assume I can draw a polygon around the islands and merge multiple polygons together and flag them as empty space, somehow.


thanks for any help.