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can't start AppStudio, AppStudioPlayer and Qt Creator

Question asked by holger_schelpmeier on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by holger_schelpmeier

I've installed AppStudio and AppStudioPlayer on a Windows 7, SP 1 OS.
Clicking on the AppStudio- and AppStudioPlayer-icons only gives me blank windows.
Clicking on the Qt Creator- icon shows no reaction at all.


I've done the installation on a virtual windows 7 OS as well. Here I succeeded in starting the AppStudio, AppStudioPlayer and Qt Creator, but the graphics in the AppStudio- and AppStudioPlayer-windows now were very grainy. For this reason I wasn't able to work with them.


Might it be a graphic card problem?
Are there any system requirements wich could be responsible for this behaviour?


Any help would be appreciated!