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Why after applying the suggested workflow (use case 5) from the document "Overview of Arc Hydro terrain preprocessing workflows", the flow accumulation process never ends?

Question asked by jevago262000 on Nov 17, 2015

Hi everyone,


I am working on the following workflow which I developed following the use case 5 from the document "Overview of Arc Hydro terrain preprocessing workflow". The workflow was running very well until the Flow Accumulation (Fac) process started. I have waited four days and I am getting desperation because it does not end. I need to proceed with further processes but I can not if this process never success. I read that there is a possibility that the Fac process can go into an infinite loop which is impossible to discover by looking at the dialog window of ArcGIS. Please, can someone suggest me modifications to my workflow or tell me if I am doing it wrongly?



Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from any of you!


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