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US Dual Ranges Address Locator ArcGIS Server Issue

Question asked by amoore4 on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by sbritt-esristaff

Hello, I am having a big problem trying to publish a US Addresses - Dual Ranges Address Locator to our ArcGIS Server (10.0).

I have a working General - Single Field Geocoding service built on our customer address data on our server that works perfectly. End goal is to create a composite locator with the Single Field locator ontop of the Dual Ranges locator.


However, I publish a Dual Ranges A.L. (from US Census Tiger Address Features data) and cannot successfully find Address Candidates from the REST endpoint.

It finds street intersections and lat/longs just fine, and I can even reverse geocode and it gives me the correct address so I know it can interpolate the LFROM-LTO-RFROM-RTO fields, at least somewhat.

But every single time I enter a house number in the Find Address Candidates option, it fails and gives me an error.


I've created and published a Dual Ranges A.L. from an extremely small sample size with no odd data and I still cannot get it to work...

BTW, these all work perfectly in ArcGIS Desktop. I only run into issues when I publish them and try to access them through the REST endpoint.


I've attached what I believe are relevant screenshots on how I'm building these.

I appreciate any and all input.


Small sample of data, created/published Dual Ranges A.L. on only this data. Still fails when finding Address Candidates at REST endpoint.