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Export Attachments from ArcGIS Online - Hosted FGDB

Question asked by rralbritton on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by balke13

I'm starting up a project to collected x,y point information using the collector app. Field crews will be taking 3 pictures per point.


I've read this article: Getting Attachments down from ArcGIS Online — Cloudpoint Geographics Inc.

as well as this article on GeoNet Export Feature Service with Attachments


however, both don't seem to be addressing attachments created from an ArcGIS online hosted layer, only layers hosted by ArcGIS Servers. Is there a way to get attachments from an arcGIS online host FGDB? I can export the updated FGDB which as the relationship class showing which photos where taken for each point but I'm unclear as to where these photos are being uploaded to and how I can download them.


Also, i have tried to identify the REST end point for the service based on the hosted layer address, however, when i visit that location my hosted layers do not appear.


REST point as noted within the ArcGIS Online Web Map


But when I visit that address the hosted layers do not appear



If I put in the "Manhole _to_Verify: portion of the URL it says the URL is invalid