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unable to replicate (2-way) to the same GDB after unregister/removal of old data

Question asked by williamw on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by williamw

I had a replication with our consultant in a test environment for over a year now. This time we ran into a hurdle where we somehow were both turned into Data Receiver. We found this thread but we couldn't get it working, either. Our consultant was able to export the xml but soon after importing on my end, an error message showed up stating "version not found". At the end, we couldn't come up with any option but simply delete the data from my GDB and hoping that we can replicate onto the same GDB.

We seemed to rely too much on hope. Replicating to an existing GDB failed using Create Replica from Server GP tool. This reminded us that we've probably been down this road before. So, I create a new GDB on the same server and employed the same GP tool, and voila, replication worked on a new GDB.

Has anyone ran into this issue before was able to come up with rescue plans? Much appreciated.


consultant server 10.3.1

my server 10.2.2


consultant sql server 2012

my sql server 2008 R2


GDS is from my consultant