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Pro analog to ArcMap's OnStopEditing event?

Question asked by markoppedahl on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by sean_jones-esristaff

I'm trying to port an ArcMap extension to Pro and can't find the event I need. The old code uses OnStopEditing to know when an edit session is saved, at which time it enumerates the committed row inserts, edits, and deletes, and notifies an external application of the changes. The Pro SDK seems only to have EditCompletedEvent, which fires after each individual edit operation. The problem is the user could undo the edit operation or discard it by not saving the session, in which case the external app must not be notified of the change.


So is there any way in Pro to detect the edit session is being saved, and get a list of the committed changes (features affected, before and after values, etc.)?