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In the drag and drop example, infoTemplate for my map services?

Question asked by schlot on Nov 13, 2015

In the example for dragging and dropping features onto a map, it says it supports CSV, images, map and feature services. It was unclear to me how you might drag a map service, but I tried dragging it from a window of my rest services and it worked just fine.  Very cool - I had no idea that was part of the functionality.  I'm sure this is generally overlooked, since the example is based on a CSV file. 


Mostly I have map services that I load as featureLayers, as opposed to authoring featureservices.  In the code, it looks like it generates a generic infoTemplate, but when I click on the map, I don't get any information.  Am I misunderstanding how that should work?  I think my map service is getting loading as a featureLayer, but maybe not. 



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