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Perform table join with ESRI For Office

Question asked by olasve on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by Jason.Hinsen

I'm wondering if it is possible to perform a table join in Microsoft Excel with ESRI For Office (similar to what can be done in ArcMap)? I have an Excel-table with two columns: an ID-number and a short information-string. I would like to join this table with a layer published to ArcGIS Online from ArcServer. The layer published to ArcGIS Online contains polygons with ID-numbers corresponding to those in the Excel-file (stored as attribute-values). 


So, I'm able to create a "base map" in Excel, and I'm able to read the ArcGIS Online-layer to that map. But I'm uncertain where to go from here. I have tried using the add "From Excel"-tool on the map and selecting either a series of cells or the entire table and then selecting the "place type" of my imported ArcGIS Online-layer (which should work if I'm reading the documentation/help correctly), but the data-import fails consistently on every row in the excel-table.


Am I missing something here, or is this type of workflow not possible?