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ERROR 999998 while reconciling.

Question asked by Marcus_Wright on Nov 13, 2015

I'm having troubles whith a few changes what I made in a small aplication for reconciling versions. The problem seems to be in a kind of timeout limiter which I implemented. When I test the applicattion in local, works properly. When I uploaded it on my server and ran it, i saw that in general works ok but when the timeout is exceeded, instead of trigger the limitation, I receive the next error:

ERROR 999998: An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist.


Also, previously i suffered the same situation with other error message which seems is ususally related to the first one:


ERROR 999998: Unexpected Error.



After a few hours of research in google,forums, manuals, tests...I can't find what's happening. If i don't have this problem in my computer, probabily it's related with configuration, but what can I review, or test, or change?


I saw some stuff about changing folders names or enabling background processes, but seems it's for 10+ versions, and I have 9.3.1, or at least, i can't find how to changing it.


Any idea?