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eSearch Widget - Linking returned results to other Attribute Widget information

Question asked by Bayswater53 on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by tarunvisvanadula

Hi Robert,


In relation to the eSearch Widget is it possible to link the eSearch results to other related tabbed information returned in the Attribute widget, so this other tabbed information only returns results that share a common link or identifier (PIN, etc) with the eSearched queried information. At the moment the attribute table returns the eSearched information which is ideal but it also returns all information for any other visible tabbed tables.

I guess an identifier link needs to be established for commonality, for this to happen. Is this possible? I hope you get what I'm saying.
See screen shots below. Any advice would be useful.


I do realize the Attribute Widget doesn't allow for much configuration and hopefully ESRI do some work in this area to make it more configurable and Integratable.


eSearched results

All other results