Tile caches not generating at all scales and areas outside boundary

Discussion created by Christeve on Nov 12, 2015

I'm trying to generate a statewide imagery cache from a mosaic dataset composed of naip2014 geotiffs using a model that automates the process by using the states county layer. It worked for the first 15 or so counties perfectly, meaning it created 15 separate tile caches that had all the scales I specified in my tiling scheme (1:40000, 1:20000, 1:10000, 1:5000, and 1:2500) and each caches extent was, mostly, based on the county boundary. I had to stop the process and start it again and let it go overnight. It did generate the remaining tile caches for each county but not at all the scales, in fact only at 1:40000 and it did not generate the entire county, sometimes only half and it generated areas outside the county boundary. I've added some images to show the issue. Each county is like this, only partially generated at the largest scale and even less generated at the smaller scales. When I zoom in on the areas that look to be completed (the eastern half in this case) the imagery is blank except for the areas inside the red polygons I created to show the extent. Has anyone ever automated the tile cache generation process? It takes about an hour for each county and I have over 100 to do. 3.PNG2.PNG1.PNG