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Change shapefile layers to show latest updates in web apps

Question asked by tsaracini on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by balke13

I've worked with ArcGIS Desktop as a teacher in years past and now work for an educational non-profit. I've created an ArcGIS Online map with various shapefiles representing education service cooperatives areas and school district outline. Over the past year, schools have consolidated and moved service cooperative areas. I can pull the shapefiles into ArcGIS Desktop, make my corrections, but I'm unable to export the same shapefile back to ArcGIS Online for it to update my current web app. Each shapefile has custom pop-ups, built in to the map. Is there a way to overwrite the current shapefile with the modified shapefile built from ArcGIS Desktop, without having to recreate the entire map? I'm unable to name the shapefile as the original one that already exists that I have modified and add it back in to the Content section. Any advice would be welcome.