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WAB blocking processes and not starting

Question asked by RichardH522 on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Ahjung.Kim_stantec

I've installed the latest version of WAB onto windows 7 and have node version 4.2.2LTS installed on the system.  I am able to run MongoDB, grunt, and dojo build all on Node without issues.  When I install WAB it initially boots up quickly.  Eventually when I startup the server.js file either using command line or with the startup.bat, the WAB startup seems to block all processes on my pc and the browser freezes.  The NT Kernal is getting jammed.  The program does not load.  When I close the Command Prompt and kill the WAB server, the pc immediately jumps back into action.


Has anyone else experienced this behavior with node.js or the WAB?  Is this an issue with running on Windows?