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GeoEvent Extension, Port 6180, and Proxy? [Cross post from another site]

Question asked by Meengla on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Meengla

This is a cross post from another site (GIS Stack Exchange). I am not even getting enough page views there. Hopefully, someone will help here.



I have a public facing server, say, with port 80 to the outside network. I also have an internal GIS server, say, On I have a Web Adaptor installed pointing to

This works fine within the intranet. However, the GeoEvent extension on uses port 6180; and we don't want that port to be opened to the outside. Problem is that web applications deployed on are looking for ws://gisintranet:6180 which, of course, don't work.

I tried to follow this: but no luck so far.

I think I need to setup a reverse proxy on but the above instructions are not working--my web application still can't see the ws://gistranet:6180 end point.

Any idea?