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Solutions for Simple Geoprocessing for app?

Question asked by forrestkaye on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by wallaceab

Hi all I'm trying to come up with a simple solution for running some geoprocessing for an app.  It seems like there could be many solutions but I am looking for simple cost effective solutions.  I am developing for a startup so cash is as tight as it gets.


The Problem:

Need to process point locations relative to polygon locations (simple contains or intersects) and return results for which polygons the points intersect.  This process could potentially be run many times per user/per day.  The results would be need to be stored in a database and used for profile info.


My thoughts thus far:

I would like to be able to just run the process against some server/service I am hosting online.  Results I had envisioned being stored in sql database outside of arcgis land.  Two thoughts of solutions:

1. Host feature service with ploygons, get locations from app, run process against feature service using runtime sdk.


2. Host feature service with polygons, get locations from app, run process again feature service using some sort of online geoprocessing (without setting up my own server, installing arcServer etc).


Does option 2 exist?  This thread make me think not. I have worked with android sdk for arcgis extensively for other projects but unsure this would be an elegant or financially viable solution, If I am using the sdk just for geoprocessing wouldn't I have to register every app for licensing?


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.