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multiple file, task process in python

Question asked by madanksuwal on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by lsturtevant


I am going to perform repeated task for large data set

here are few tasks I am looking for help

1. I need to convert set of raster from integer to float, then

2. divide all the raster by value 10, then

3. select cells above X and less than Y, then

4. subtract value M from each cell in each raster, then

5. subtract each cell of each raster to Value N, then

6. sum up all the raster, then

7. divide by value Z


I did this using tools in ArcGIS but it seems that I could not document all the steps and there are chances of missing steps when I perform in large data set in repetitive manner.

hence, I am looking for python script.

I am novice in python.


your kind help is highly appreciated.