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Unusual labelling behaviour in ArcGIS Pro that seems to be related to output resolution

Question asked by MervynLotter on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by douais

I just want to share with you some unusual labelling behaviour in ArcGIS Pro. I dont think it is anything that I am doing wrong, but perhaps someone may know the reasons why this is happening or have suggestions for a better work-around? I am hoping this issue may be rectified in future releases as it is really complicating my current workflow.


I have a large A0 map (46 x 33 inches) with a lot of cadastral data that I label. There are probably around 900 features that are labelled on the map. In the map I include a layer of our local municipalities as large single-part polygons. I only want to display one label per municipality and the map output needs to be in TIFF.


Under label class properties I have changed the default settings to Remove duplicate labels as well as ticked Label largest part.


When exporting low resolution (100 dpi) maps, the output map is created correctly and I only have one label per municipality. But when exporting as a high-resolution map (300dpi), the labels for each of the 7 municipalities is repeated several times no matter what setting I use. Therefore the adherence to label settings seems to be resolution dependent for tiff and JPEG images in maps with many features labelled. This problem is not repeated for PDF and I find the PDF map outputs great (but not what I need).


The one work-around I have thought of is to create points and label these, but I have not yet tried this. Other ideas?