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Mixed Content in AGOL is killing us - Please help to Explain best practices

Question asked by 1stAmerican on Nov 5, 2015
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We are early adopters of AGOL and have 100's of Web Maps and Services hosted on AGOL.

So we have some experience / methods for navigating "enhancement" pushes to the system.


Unfortunately, we can't figure out an issue with Mixed Content in Story Maps within AGOL.


The issue is when a Story Map has mixed content, portions of the Story don't load or prevent the App from loading at all.


My understanding of mixed content is having sources to http & https within the same App.


We're aware of the settings in AGOL under security that reuire SSL.

We don't require SSL.


Should all content in a Story Map be http or https?


Because having both does not work.


For us this means searching through 100+ maps to ensure they all work or are free of mixed content.


We're searching for a path forward.


Thank you