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An error occurred when starting a widget embedded within InfoWindow: Cannot read property '1' of null

Question asked by tr3v on Nov 4, 2015
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I am getting the above error (init.js:919 API v3.14) identifying a feature in a javascript map viewer, when calling `infoWindow.setFeatures(featureSet);`. The problem is caused by a map service having field aliases with trailing colons in them. The following is part of the json returned from the map service query (geometry removed).


I can see the problem, but not sure how to go about fixing it? Is it caused by the json deserialization, serialization by the REST API (10.3.1 server), or a bug in the javascript API?


If I only choose outfields that have no trailing colon, it works. I have no control over the offending map service.


  "layerName":"Waste Water Lateral",
  "displayFieldName":"Unit ID:",
  "Unit ID:":"NP-MANGO0131SL/1",
  "Asset ID:":"115807",

// geometry removed