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Geoprocessor Tasks

Question asked by ChristinaElaine on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by ChristinaElaine

In the WPF Runtime, we had a geoprocessing tool that allowed the user to load their own custom geoprocessing packages. We create the geoprocessor basically as follows:


_service = await LocalGeoprocessingService.StartAsync(definition.Path, GeoprocessingServiceType.SubmitJobWithMapServerResult, 30000);

var firstTask = _service.Tasks.FirstOrDefault();

_geoprocessor = new Geoprocessor(new Uri(_service.UrlGeoprocessingService + "/" + firstTask.DisplayName));


Now in the Runtime for .NET the Tasks collection is not available. We will never have the ability to hard code the task name like the examples all show. Is there any way to dynamically get the Task names from the server without having to scrape the html page or do something similarly obnoxious?