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Data Driven Pages & Graphic Table Element issue

Question asked by alantonkin on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by alantonkin

I have created DDP's for printing a property sheet per feature. Using the Production Mapping extension, I have inserted a Graphic Table Element to display some of the feature's attribute data. The fields in particular that I am displaying are numeric and the actual value in the field has many digits after the decimal point. If I set the numeric format for those fields on the Layer Properties -> Fields tab to say only display 1 digit after the decimal point, the value appears correctly in the attribute table. However, the Graphic Table doesn't honour the numeric format when displaying the value as it shows all the digits after the decimal and there is no ability to set the format under the Table Properties -> Table Design -> Text Field -> Properties dialog.


Is this a bug or a known limitation of the Graphic Table Element implementation? Is there any other way that I can get the numeric format to perpetuate through to the Table Design?


Any assistance would be appreciated.