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Function to list all data sources in MXD

Question asked by peteralstorp on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by peteralstorp

Hi everyone!


I have a problem that I expect somebody has already solved. I have found numerous solutions but none of them work for me. I would really love if somebody could help me find a working solution.


Here's what I need the function/script/tool to do:


  1. Input 1: full paths to one or many MXD's
  2. Input 2: full path to a csv or excel where the result should be listed
  3. Script functions
    1. Scroll through the MXD's and list the following
      1. mxdpath (path and filename)
      2. grouplayer & layername
      3. layerdesription
      4. layersource
      5. brokenlink (yes/no)
      6. visible (yes/no)
    2. Save the above mentioned data to the csv/excel


Preferrably the following sources should be supported:

shape, dwg/dxf, tabular data (csv, dbf, excel), common raster formats


I'm using ArcMap 10.2 and codepage 885915 - Latin 9: Western European (Upgraded from Latin 1).


In the paths used there can be very long paths and Swedish characters such as "å, ä, ö".


I found this script which seemed to helped me but it didn't work properly (for me).