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Advantages\disadvantages of applying “compact” tool for file geodatabase  

Question asked by ahmadabusaleh on Nov 3, 2015
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Advantages\disadvantages of applying “compact” tool for file geodatabase


Hello All,

I was searching for the Advantages for using the Compact (Data Management) and I found the following Advantages:

Compacting rearranges how the geodatabase is stored on disk, often reducing its size and improving performance.

When it’s recommended

  • Recommended to compact personal geodatabases when they become larger than 250 MB
  • If data entry, deletion, or general editing is frequently performed on a database.

As data is added, removed, or edited, these files become fragmented, the records within each file are in order and are accessed efficiently by the file system. However, as you delete and add records over time, the records within each file lose their order, and unused space develops as records are removed and new ones are added elsewhere in the file. This causes the file system to perform more record-seeking operations within each file, slowing the rate at which records are accessed.


Now I am searching and investigating if there is any disadvantages for using this tool, also does improving the performance improves the performance of the published map services.