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Allow GeoEvent Processor to update non-editable AGOL feature services

Question asked by rsunderman-esristaff Employee on Nov 3, 2015
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When using ArcGIS Online, it is possible to edit feature services that are non-editable if you are logged in as an administrator. GeoEvent Processor cannot add or send updates to a non-editable feature service, even when the data store has been set up using an administrator account. There are likely to be use cases where GEP users wish to share feature services with the public but lock down editing to only administrators. If a feature service is made editable, both administrators and publishers are able to edit it - this is a concern in regards to accidental edits. This 'idea' proposes that GEP be able to update non-editable feature services, when the service is accessed through an AGOL administrator data store.

Posted by mtjones to ArcGIS Server Sep 30, 2013