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ArcGIS Pro Web Scenes - Sharing with the Public

Question asked by kieran_npdc on Nov 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by russell_roberts-esristaff

Hi all,


I am creating a story map for use in a presentation, designed to explain a development opportunity to the public.

Within this, I use a web scene published in ArcGIS pro to show the scene of this opportunity, with bookmarks that zoom to each site of interest.
This all works fine while I am signed in to my organisational ArcGIS online account.


However, I also want the public to be able to access this Story Map and Scene from a link via our website, so they are able to view/explore it in their own time.
I have run into a number of issues when trying to access this Scene as 'public', (Not signed in to any ArcGIS online account).


The bookmarks I have set do not load when changing between tabs in the Story Map, and so the Web Scene remains at the same location (while it should change to the next bookmarked point of interest).

The Web Feature Layers are not present in the Web Scene (when public), despite them being shared publicly from my ArcGIS organisational account. The Web Scene loads, however these WFLs are not there, which is essential for the use of this Web Scene.


Can anyone provide insight as to why I am experiencing these issues?
This all works correctly when signed in to my account, it is only as a 'public' user I experience these issues.
All of the Web Scenes, WFLs and Story Maps are shared publicly.


Many thanks,