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Feature search finds no results if layer is off due to scale dependencies.

Question asked by smalltowngis on Oct 31, 2015

I have set up a map in ArcGIS Online to allow feature search on my address points in the full address field.  When I open my map I am zoomed to the full extent of the city boundary.  At this scale the address points are turned off because the scale is beyond the layer's visibility range.  When I type in an address the search brings up suggestions, so it is searching the table, but when I select an address from the list of suggestions it gives me a "No Results - No results were found for such and such address" error.


However, if I hit enter it zooms to the address.  Then if I zoom out to the full extent again and enter an address it is doesn't give me the error and zooms to the address with no problems.


This seems like a bug.  Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?





Small Town GIS