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Visible property from GeodatabaseFeatureTable

Question asked by zjankovskyarcdata-cz-esridist Employee on Nov 2, 2015
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in AppStudio I am using local offline data from Desktop (CreateRuntimeContent). So I have my Geodatabase object, from it I take all GeodatabaseFeatureTable (geodatabaseFeatureTables property) and from every table I dynamicaly create FeatureLayer (with help of ArcGISRuntime.createObject("FeatureLayer",{})).

I would like to set the same layer visibility setting as it was in MXD.

But I haven't find any way for this: GeodatabaseFeatureTable object does not have this property, nor any other from Geodatabase object.

Is it possible to set layer visible property according to MXD setting?


Thank you,

Zdeněk J.