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IE 9 Failures

Question asked by processing... on Oct 30, 2015
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I'm not sure if this is a geonet bug, or a jive bug (or just that I need to acquire some software of this century). Please move to the right place if I guessed the wrong place.


In IE 9, there are missing UI features all over. For instance, my profile menu bar at the top right does not show the bell image in the alert graphic, it does not show the pen image, it does not show the search icon, and none of the down arrows are visible. While annoying, this isn't why I'm posting. There are a few things that IE 9 does that has become really annoying.


1. In this discussion thread text area (the default mode, not HTML mode), I cannot paste... anything. Nothing at all pastes. I used firefox to paste a link and was shocked to see what is supposed to happen. Impressive, but it doesn't work on IE 9.


2. Since I cannot paste, I used the hyper link button in the editor to add a link. Embarrassingly, when I edited my post about an hour later, I noticed that there were extra line breaks and that link had pasted 3 times, all over the place. I assume that the issue in problem 1 actually pastes, I just cannot see it.


3. Those line breaks that I mention above occur every time I edit in IE 9. Each line break that is supposed to be there doubles up.


I cannot upgrade my browser at this time. I need IE 9. Thanks,