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Need more information about how LegendLayers work in a printTemplate

Question asked by schlot on Oct 30, 2015

When you look up the documentation for LegendLayer, there's almost nothing to it.  Examples for printTemplate layoutOptions may have a parameter, but it's just displayed as an empty array.  Ours actually has a layer in it, which prints fine, assuming the user is zoomed to the full map extent, where all the layers/sublayers are visible.


For a Legend, there are parameters that let you specify whether or not you want to respect the current map scale.  If you set this to false, then I assume items in the legend will continue to be listed, whether or not that element  falls within the current map extent.


What about LegendLayers?  There aren't a lot of settings for them.  If we define these in our printTemplate, the behavior we're seeing is that the printed legend DOES respect the current map extent.


We don't want it to.  We want to see a complete legend on the printout, regardless of the current map extent's display.  Are these inherited from the Legend?