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Publishing Web Scene - Data Store issues

Question asked by JS on Oct 30, 2015

Some background about my problem.

I have ArcGIS 10.3.1 Server, Portal (using web adaptor and SSL) and Data Store installed on the same Windows 2008 Server.

The ArcGIS Server is federated and set as the hosting server in portal settings. Data store was set up using the Data Store configuration wizard. The data store has a green check mark in ArcGIS Server Manager->Site->Data Store, so everything should be in a working order.


When I publish a web scene using ArcGIS Pro 1.1 it publishes it successfully, but when it tries to build the cache on the server it fails. In the CachingLog(scene_test_WSL).log it logs the following error:

Error -    ERROR 001785: Unable to connect to the database used for scene caches (Proxy server got bad address from remote server (verify the server is running).).

I found a similar error in the following link and a solution how to solve it, but I guess it does not apply to my issue:

So i took a look at the postgres logfile and there were a lot of errors in there. I attached the logfile that shows errors exactly after I published a web scene.

What I also find weird is that if I connect to the ArcGIS Server with ArcCatalog and go to "Server properties"->Data Store and then try to edit the connection, it does not connect with the already input credentials (Unable to connect to database server to retrieve list; please....).


Any ideas what I could also check?