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I want to add tools to the route API tool

Question asked by jason.schelte on Oct 30, 2015

Hello I am trying to put together an HTML file that will accomplish a task for me. I am trying to make a map using ArcGIS API directions widget.


My idea is that I want to create a route using the API directions search function. Then I would like to search for a particular business, restaurant, gas station, or store. Usually when I do a search for a business it gives me a radius search. I want my search results to be along my route within the buffered area for instance.


The idea being that I create a route with the search tool, then after the route is completed there is a buffer created based on the distance I would be willing to deviate from my route. Then it shows or either clips out all business that match my search that are within the buffer or selects by attributes the items that are inside. Then I can choose the best location based on my route and not lose that much time while driving.



We can talk more about the options for the project.