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GeoEvent Module: No Services have been Found

Question asked by Meengla on Oct 30, 2015
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I have a test VM (Win 2012 running ArcGIS Server 3.1) with GeoEvent extension installed. In the Software Authorization page of ArcGIS Manager the GeoEvent extension is authorized. However, when I launch https://localhost:6143 I see 'No Services have been Found' error. I am basically stuck! This is a very simple setup--everything on one machine.


The only potential problem could be that this VM is a duplicate of another clustered VM system; but I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled both ArcGIS Server and the GeoEvent extension in this new system but still nothing happening. I suspect there is something in registry or somewhere which is looking for other machines from the previous cluster--it is a wild guess though!


So what can I do to fix this and move on? I don't want to wipe off the machine and start fresh because the VM has a bunch of other useful software running.




PS. I may post both the wrapper.log and karaf.log after this post